Luxurious dock townhouse sold for less than $9K at the auction.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A wise investor just got a luxurious waterfront townhouse with a dock at a great location in Punta Gorda Isles, Fl. for only $ 8,600.00 on a real estate foreclosure auction.
The property, located at 3500 Mondovi Court, is a three bedroom, two bathroom unit originally sold in 2005 for $ 322 thousand.
"There is still room to make good money on this market for those that do their  homework and get the right professional advice" said Realtor Fernando Pettineroli at a specialists summit in Naples, Florida. "It is true banks buy most of the inventory and some times other debts need to be negotiated by the attorneys, but the possibility of making this kind of profits is bringing new investors, tired of loosing money on the stock market", remarked Pettineroli.
The home has a two car garage, screened balcony with view to the marina and a dock. A real dream come true for many. The happy new owner is an investor from NY.
"We are opening a new program to assist investors in locating these prime properties in several Florida counties, doing the market research, preparing the due dilignece for the buyer, presenting the bids and having the home back on the market ASAP" stated Pettineroli.
Investors interested in participating on this program can contact directly Fernando Pettineroli, Realtor, at (239) 603 9488 or by completing this contact form at .

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