Sell with us

Our creed:
1) Hard work.
2) Commitment to our client's interest.
3) Inside ethics.
4) Use of up to date standard technology.
5) Repeat successful actions to create the solution required for each case.

Why list with us?
We believe in what we sell. Our job is simply to help people doing what we do
best: sell homes. We use our expertise to engineer a successful transaction, that will close on time. In order for that to happen, we work hard to make the process easier for you. In fact we take dozens of important decisions during a transaction to make it happen. That is why we are permanently in contact with our sellers. We are always open for business. And communication with our clients has been always the key factor why our clients recommend us to their friends and relatives.

We care for the transaction having in mind one goal: a successful closing. We put on your business that kind of passion. Because we want to sell your home in the shortest period of time at the highest possible price. And we commit to it.

Selling a house is the most important transaction people usually do in their lives. It requires skill, expertise, negotiation power, tenacity and marketing domination. And that is what we will provide to you.

Our work is to deliver a qualified buyer that will pay the highest price the market will accept.
As in any other commodity, pricing is king in real estate and is determined by the forces of the market. Pricing is the only variable that at the end will heat or cool off a listing. Even we avoid to discuss pricing with our clients, we encourage them to understand that the market itself prices a property.
There is no magic on it, but definitively highly qualified skill to present the house properly, adjust to the demand, engineer the transaction and get the deal done.

Our entire platform is Google based, because we believe is the new standard in the mind of the consumers.
We are permanently measuring the changing taste of american consumers to make sure your home is at the right place and at the right time, to reach the right buyer.

How this will apply to your property:
Your property will have prime exposure in Google, YouTube, Twitter,, Bing and many other websites that we handle to promote our listings successfully. Of course we make sure that the listing is attractive to the prospective buyer, by featuring the best your home has to give.

The key for our exposure is a .com website designed exclusively to fit the needs of your property, with all the activity at the property including coverage of open houses, social events, photo gallery and other relevant information about the property.

Several photo shoots are held at the property during the listing, since we do publish featured pictures of the home as well as photo coverage of the events that we produce at our listings to drive traffic.
A video is also produced to be placed in YouTube and other social media outlets.

Call us today at (786) 505 4007 for a listing consultation or just fill this short form. We will have ready a business plan to sell your home on the best market conditions.