Meet Fernando

A message from Fernando Pettineroli

For over 30 years, my work has been always to help other people. I am thankful life allowed me to make a positive impact in the lives of thousands, in different cultures and countries, that through the years have trusted me at the time of taking important decisions in life.
As August 2016, I was hired to joing the salesforce of Dezer Platinum Realty, LLC: the company that generated the most amazing developments in the Sunny Isles Beach area.
Either helping to build successfully their corporate and political images, defending their interests, providing accurate information or taking care of transacting real estate, I had the opportunity to interact and service personally from Presidents of two countries, to the occupants of the most modest households. From small business, to multinational corporations. I nurtured myself from observing up-close key players in politics, sports and the arts. Always fueled by the same passion: doing the right thing.
Along the way I had the amazing support of my family and friends, that provided me since a very early age with an unusual package of experience, knowledge and love. And of course the contributions of so many gifted professionals, teachers and coworkers that assisted me in so diverse projects, always enriching me with the result of their own success.
My only advice: keep faith in yourself and love everybody. Even when the way is difficult, failing a little is at the end just another way of improving. It only makes you stronger.
Thank you for your trust, your time and business."

About Fernando
Fernando Pettineroli is a real estate agent licensed in the State of Florida. "My goal is to make sure that my sellers net more money for their homes and help buyers have a stronger representation at the time of making an offer" said Fernando recently.
Fernando's mission is to lead his clients into easy and effective real estate transactions, optimizing reliability, strategy and profitability during the entire process, from listing to closing.
A blend of long international experience and strong negotiation skills allows Fernando to provide his clients with timely, well-informed solutions that define his style of doing business. Fernando is regarded as a sharp-witted agent, and is widely respected for his views and market observations.
Fernando attended high school at Colegio Brasileiro de Almeida in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and later, earned a law degree* from Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 1993, as well as a post specialization in human rights by Tilburg University.

Recognition and Awards
In 1994, Fernando was laureate with a Rotary Foundation Educational Award for promoting vocational study, leadership development and international understanding, and granted “Honorary Citizenship” of the State of Arizona by Governor Fife Symington. The City of Tucson Old Pueblo granted Fernando “Honorary Citizenship” by Mayor George Miller, also in 1994. In 2012 Fernando was designated as a Campaign Safety Leader for, advocating for awarness on the number one cause of death of children in Florida: swimming pools.

Mr. Pettineroli works fluently in English, Spanish and Portugues. A devoted father and husband, he spends most of his spare time with his children and family.

*not a member of The Florida Bar.