Little Bookelia Island: "...everything that one could possibly want..."

Friday, June 22, 2012

One of the most impressive properties ever listed for sale in the continental US, Little Bookelia Island, is presented exclusively by Michael Saunders and Company.
"In the twenty five years I am in the business, this is by far, the most impressive Island I've ever seen, not just here in the South East, but also in the Bahamas and Caribbean" said Rick Moeser, Senior Vice President of Christie's International Real Estate at a VIP broker event.
The Island has a meticulously restored luxury villa, built in the mid 20's for the original owner, inventor Charles Burgess. The home's Spanish colonial exterior opens to a luxurious interior and panoramic views.
"We had a fantastic response" said agent Fernando Pettineroli. "One of my top contacts from the Formula 1 has requested a chopper to visit the island in the first hours this listing has been on the market."
The Island, located nearby Boca Grande, in Florida, is one hour away from the nearest international airport and only ten minutes boat ride from the marina. Liz Munz, the current homeowner said about the Island that is "so unusual that it is ten minutes from the mainland but is still totally private".
A guest three bedroom villa is fully self contained. A short walk takes you to your own "old Florida style" village, with strategically located cottages, a museum, waterfall garden and a fantastic swimming pool, all surrounded by multicolored landscaping.
In the garden, Mr. Thomas Edison planted himself, a collection of majestic banyan trees, during his several visits to the island.
The one hundred plus acres island has a very important extra: the current owners worked intensively to obtain zoning for twenty nine large estate lots on the island. "Your insurance policy is that if you ever want to add or sell lots to your friends or others, zoning is in place and it is for perpetuity ' stated Michael Saunders, broker of the listing.
Little Bookelia Island is sparking the interest of buyers worldwide. The paradisaical property is receiving inquiries from distant locations such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and China. "We are so glad that a listing like Little Bookelia Island comes to the market. It's unique. It is magic. It is everything that one could possibly want" said Mrs. Saunders.

This exclusive private island is being offered at a price of $ 29 million and buyer inquiries can be directed to Fernando Pettineroli, Realtor. Michael Saunders and Company, Broker, Direct phone: (941) 275 9111 or please email us clicking here. Thank you.

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