Garage sale season is officially open in PGI.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Perfect weather and the arrival of our neighbors from up-North are fueling the Garage Sale season in Punta Gorda.

Jean Angus and friend Ellen Brown at the courtyard.
Our team is visiting most of the garage sales to meet homeowners in our area and check if they need any help with their real estate needs.
And on our way we find great hidden attractions as this table built out of a real ficus at Jean and Peter Angus's home in PGI. A courtyard garden was built around the three and a fantastic group of tropical plants are providing shadow space and privacy. The property has direct sailboat access and is for sale. Please click here for more information or contact us at (941) 275 9111 for showings and assistance.
The "Ficus table", by Jean Angus. 

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