Florida real estate: our numbers are confirmed. What comes next.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Punta Gorda, Fl. Developers are reporting this morning a great quarter. Lennar increased orders 23 % becoming the number one developer in the country after DH Horton. This confirms our projection from a year ago. In Florida this trend is more noticeable

in the Miami market, where entire towers are being pre-sold in a matter of weeks to foreign investors.
For all Florida, we should be experiencing a shortage of resale listings within a year with a fast increase in pricing on the middle and high end range, to match up with newly built high end prices.

Rentals in the rise.
If something is going back to normal is the pricing on rentals, at the point that is hard to find something "cheap" anymore. This should bring a new wave of buyers to the market, pushed out of their rentals for the high rates.

Financing: still hard to get.
In general, all markets (including commercial) are looking healthy. Although finding financing is still an issue, mostly because large banks are still on the loop of lending a lot back to the government. A really vicious cycle.
This situation must bring back a stronger secondary market, private investors and sub-prime to service this huge growth of the demand for property. Also is to think of some deregulation of the financial services and relaxing of credit requirements, since many lenders are tied mostly by fear of being reprimanded later for lending too easy.
I think we are looking at great next 5 years on real estate.
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