Financing for foreign nationals is back.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miami, Fl. Foreign nationals were always a key element in any
Florida portfolio.
And the alternatives to obtain financing are growing substantially in the last months.
Several banks are competing on the segment with "private portfolio" funded loans, as Centennial Bank. "We have a very competitive product with 30 % down payment only for foreign nationals and a minimum of only $ 50,000 loan amount" confirmed Mike Kiraly, loan officer with the Key Largo based bank. This alternative brings a tremendous incentive to foreign buyers.
David Parker, a loan officer with Flagstar Bank says that some "foreign nationals can also qualify for FHA mortgages. Mortgage lenders can work with you if you have a thin file. Your lender can have a credit report constructed from your payment history with utility companies, landlords and any other accounts requiring regular payments."
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