How Fed decission to keep rates low will help Miami real estate.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl. The Federal Reserve today's decision to keep interest rate low would help Miami real estate market. Lower rates help the perception of new buyers at the time of deciding in purchasing a property or converting from tenants into home-owners.
"We welcome any decisions to keep interest rates at historic low levels" said Fernando Pettineroli, real estate agent in Sunny Isles Beach "for those looking for a real deal, this is the best moment I can remember since 2011".

Perfect scenario for buyers: watch for discounts.

Huge discounts on high end properties and a weakened Dollar, are bringing back the attention of domestic and foreign investors to Miami.
"We are identifying daily hidden opportunities, sometimes with millions of dollars in discounts, just perfect for private equity investors to make a difference" said Pettineroli, "what lead us to launch an exclusive program for high end residential private equity investors".

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