Florida Supreme Court terminated the Forclosure Mediation Program during Christmas week.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Honorable Charles Canady
The Florida Supreme Court terminated the Mediation Residential Foreclosure Program without previous notice and right before Christmas. The announcement was made by Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady.
The decision re-opens the fast-track of foreclosures in benefit of banks.
The program was ordered at the end of 2009 and only implemented by several districts on the second quarter of 2010.
The decision to terminate the program, announced during the distraction of Christmas, took the community by surprise and sends an unclear  message about Courts being more concerned in fast tracking foreclosures rather than really solving the scandal of thousands of foreclosures granted to "servicers" or banks possing as "holders" of mortgages without legal standing, for lack of proper documentation.
"It is sad to learn how this decisions are taken on the dark of some office, without intervention of the people" said Mary Frank from Deep Creek, Florida. The program benefited thousands of homeowners trying to find clarity about the title held by the mortgage servicers.

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