Short sales. Last year to obtain free money from the Government.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thousands of homeowners in distress with their mortgages are now thinking seriously about the option of taking the benefits of HAFA, the program that provides assistance to families that opt for short sale their home.
"It is a great moment to take advantage of this program and the tax rebates for homeowners on distress" said Fernando Pettineroli, a Realtor from SW Florida.
The short sale market has changed substantially since now homeowners have available a menu of options with ZERO investment on the seller side.
"The reason most of Realtors were reluctant to work with short sales was because many attorneys expected to be paid in advance for their fees, a practice that is considered questionable on real estate circles" explained Fernando. "Now we can just work fully on marketing the property while an attorney will deal with the bank, without charging the homeowner" affirmed Pettineroli.
HAFA or Home Alternative Foreclosure Program is schedule to finish in 2013 and provides $ 3,000.00 in direct assistance to families short selling their properties. Financial help from the banks has been provided also in many cases.
To list your home for short sale under HAFA, please contact us with this form online.
To learn more about this program, official information can be found here.

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