16 tips on how to have a happy tropical storm day.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

All long time Florida residents have a lot of training on how to avoid danger on a tropical storm and most of us learned out of our own stupid  mistakes.
This is my own personal storm fool proofing list and I would love to share it with you.
1) If you can,  STAY HOME. Don't go playing "storm chaser" or planning unnecessary cross-town trips to check on stuff. You will have plenty of opportunities to deal with the insurance later.
2) Avoid getting trapped in the storm. Don't go like a schmuck to park at the river and see "how bad it is". VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT TRY TO CROSS A FLOODED STREET WITH YOUR CAR.
3) If your workplace is still open, talk your employer into how useless this day is. You might want to bring up some made up "Morgan & Morgan" advice. That would do.
4) Don't park your car under massive trees or electric lines.(duhh!)
5) This is not a "handyman day": do not attempt to install shutters once the storm is here. A wind gust can really hurt you or others with a flying panel.
6) Sports: Surf and body-boarding are actually cool if you are experienced on it and you own a towel too.
7) This is a great day to put together your storm supplies at home. We hadn't been hit in many years and our supply box well may be lost somewhere in the garage. Check if you have both AA and AAA batteries and make a list of what you need go buy AFTER this storm ends tomorrow.
8) Great day to weed and clean your computer / tablet / smartphone of all unwanted photos, apps, etc. Put together that furniture that is still in pieces on a box for years. That kind of stuff that will make your wife happy.
9) If you have a boat, make sure is secured and ... hey:  make sure the TOILET VALVE IS CLOSED (yes water can back up through the toilet on a storm).
10) RV people: just hope for the best, my friends.
11) Kids at home? Have markers, paper and stuff like that handy so if the electric/cable/satellite goes away, you don't become the scapegoat of a no Netflix / Nickelodeon day.
12) Following my mom's old advice I just filled the bathtub. Still trying to find an answer on why go buy more Clorox.
Not a day to start a diet neither.
13) Remember that old recipe you always promised to cook a thousand times and never materialized? Today is your lucky day. Go ahead and get a real reason to brag on your culinary talents.
14) Electric goes out for days? Take those treasures you have on the freezer and make a "block party".
15) Don't bother taking your trash out. It will just make of your front yard  Garbage Fest USA.
16) Single? Offer your best half to spend a good old fashioned loving day in bed. Sort of "try it,you might like it" kind of proposal.
Follow this and you will be just fine riding a happy storm day like a champ.

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