Compassion: the only word for this week at the office.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl. We will probably never forget these last 10 days. The largest storm ever registered threatened our community and put us on our knees, in a very "Hollywood's way": living a real mandatory massive evacuation with other 6,000,000 Floridians.
The storm came. Badly hurting communities nearby.
At the same time, as soon as the rain and the wind went away, a force grew inside all of us. A need to help. To do something.
The best example we had it at our own office at Dezer Platinum Realty.
Our place of business, one of the most high end offices in the area, became a warehouse to receive thousands of donations for those in need in South Florida.
A team of volunteers guided by former disaster relief specialist, now broker, John McCarthy, put together at our office hundreds of boxes with thousands of items, shipped directly in trucks to those locations where are needed the most. Our high end Porsche model kitchen, suddenly transformed in a human machine to pack dry food items.
A big thank you for all the volunteers that just silently showed up to do their best. A silent army of hands ready to help others.
And the best for those that still suffering the effects of Irma in their lives.

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