Only valid insurance for your bond and stock investments: diversify into real estate.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl. Hard to believe that a low CBOE Volatility Index VIX, +2.10% can seriously represent the uncertainty surrounding investment markets in 2017. In fact brings doubts about the real capability of measurement of that index.
Historically investors worldwide find refuge to their anguish in tangible assets. BRICKS. Not in "stock insurance". An insurer can go belly up and send your aspirations of recovery to the toilet as fast as it takes to run to Court and file Chapter 11. What is going to stop them to take that exit if the stock market goes into spiral down?

Trend from international high rollers.

Serious international investors are targeting very high end properties in the Miami area. Buying as high as their budgets can take. Because today's comparative value of a built sq.ft. of luxury real estate in the US is essentially lower than the same sq.ft. in other world markets.
A brick is a brick everywhere, but in Miami is cheaper.

How US investors can really insure their investments.

Diversify. Get real estate. Now is cheaper than ever and inventory is abundant.
Call your real estate broker before is too late. Is time to convert your profits in bricks before they evaporate in some faux de pas of the markets.

Investors are diversifiying into Miami Real Estate

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